Dong Quai Tea as a Blood Tonic

Drinking a good cup of dong quai tea on a regular basis can present you with a number of excellent benefits, however one of the most significant advantages that this tea has to offer is the ability to work as a blood tonic in the body. As a result of these effects, dong quai has been noted as a ‘blood purifier’ and it has been used as a way to manage blood and circulatory related issues such as hypertension, anemia, and insufficient menstrual cycles.

Bowl of Dong Quai

How Dong Quai Tea Helps

Dong quai tea can help nourish your blood by providing you with essential nutrients such as vitamin B-12, folic acid, folinic acid, and biotin. These nutrients can help to build blood and help support those who suffer from iron deficiencies and anemia. Drinking dong quai tea on a regular basis can also enhance and improve circulatory function, coronary functions and can also help to stabilize blood pressure. By keeping your blood nourished and healthy you are less likely to suffer from blood clots and other issues that can arise from a lack of proper circulation in the body.

Using Dong Quai Tea

If you are looking for a healthy, all natural way to help tone your blood and the circulatory function of your body, dong quai tea is an excellent way to do this. Drinking herbal teas is often preferred when it comes to maintaining health since they are natural and come without the unwanted preservatives, additives, side effects, or unnecessary ingredients that can be found in other sources. It is not recommended to drink herbal teas like dong quai tea if you are currently nursing, pregnant, or prescribed to medications without first consulting with a health practitioner in order to avoid any unwanted interactions.